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 Album  sleeve photographer  Tatyana Mircheva.

eLAY from the United Kingdom, has a massive history in music. He’s crossed over many different genres with  different artistes’ as a well respected percussionist/drummer/musican.

Recording and touring with performers such as  Poet Anne Clark as a percussionist drummer also  the late Edwin Starr ,  and John Entwistle from rock band  ‘The Who’. to lady leshurr  female rapper Zara Sykes, Soul singer lizzie deane  eLAY  backed many jazz and fusion artistes at venues like the famous Ronnie  Scotts  Club in London.

He was signed up by Positronic Records in New York USA to recorded his first album ‘Fabtabulous’   eLAY wanted more freedom & decided to branch out & build his own record label. Bone Wax Records.

After a serious health scare  eLAY  had been out of the loop musically having to wait nearly three years to recover.   eLAY is now back !!! performing as a Solo artiste’. He has produced an doucumentary on his progress in getting back in the music. As an introductory he has written & produced a  2 track EP.

Out wit his own label. Bone Wax Records

   Click eLAY. EP Album MP3

I love moving in an alternative direction musically

 Video release’s soon






Song One

I want you

Travelling from one place to the next. Breathing in each country and its cultures. Enjoying all the pleasures of the other’s country life. I imagined, that I came across a woman, who fitted perfectly into my life!  Wouldn’t it be a wonderful feeling, if you happened to meet somebody else, who match’s & feel’s who you are yet they’re from a different culture

Song Two


It’s a crazy world. There are crazy people like me.  Sometimes it’s great to step back and do something out of the box which is Crazy. You see see a female and start going crazy for her and discovered, she has talents up her sleeve, that makes you even more crazy for this girl.

S n t Mag

 eLAY interview with ITG


Sontronic Microphones


Maurice Whtingham

Disorder Boutique

eLAY from the United Kingdom, has a massive history in music. He’s crossed over many different genres with different artistes’


Travelled many miles, worked with many musicians from touring to recordingLinks

eLAY Facebook Page

eLAY Instagram Page


eLAY Google

eLAY Twitter

Previous EP

Spinning Out For Love/Here We Go Now

All instruments performed in the studio by eLAY

Recorded at Magic Garden

Producer below. Gavin Monaghan

Gavin Monaghan

Producer of   ‘Here We Go Now’ Gavin Monaghan


GM Link:

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Photo Image by Sharka Kolar

2 responses

  1. LA definately has his own style. He comes up with catchy lyrics and is very much a showman – The videos enhance the musical images -The musical song titles stick in your head – Really good EP. Westfield John

    April 1, 2018 at 9:15 pm

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