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                                                                                                        Latest eLAY                                                                                    2018 EP Description 

Song One

I want you

Travelling from one place to the next. Breathing in each country and its cultures. Enjoying all the pleasures of the other’s country life. I imagined, that I came across a woman, who fitted perfectly into my life!  Wouldn’t it be a wonderful feeling, if you happened to meet somebody else, who match’s & feel’s who you are yet they’re from a different culture

Song Two


It’s a crazy world. There are crazy people like me.  Sometimes it’s great to step back and do something out of the box which is Crazy. You see see a female and start going crazy for her and discovered, she has talents up her sleeve, that makes you even more crazy for this girl.


The karen Hill Article. LINK The eLAY Just Relax Magazine Article





Sontronic Microphones


Maurice Whtingham

Disorder Boutique



eLAY from the United Kingdom, has a massive history in music. He’s crossed over many different genres with different artistes’

4. eLAY EP Cover 2017. 3. copy

Album sleeve photographer tatyana mircheva

The EP is one long title

I Want You / Crazy

Will be released. March 2018

Out on his own label. Bone Wax Records


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